“I live for my friends,
steal to live, kill to survive.
Is there any other life?”


[The Killer Bee]

  • Ninja Skill:Fights with earth.
  • Birth:8/10
  • Age:20
  • Height:196cm
  • Weight:85kg
  • Skill:Superhuman Strength
  • Guardian Monster:Lion


Hot blooded, but cries easily Kind to his peers, is a mood maker Careless by nature, at first finds it hard to trust people Through this journey, he learns the value of friendship and faith in others


Ushioni was born and raised in the worst slum of a neighbourhood, “Area Smokey”.
He is a leader of the bandits called Killer Bees.
Ushioni’s best friend was murdered by Alvida henchmen, and he despaired of thisworld.Ushioni lives for his friends, steals to live, kill to survive. His purpose: to protect Area
Smokey from illicit drugs. One day, a chance meeting with Hanzo changes his life - andhe loses his mind in his desire for friendship with this fellow Ninja.