The Second Battle of Ragnarok

XX year
The earth has endured an unprecedented natural crisis due to a sudden,
massive crustal movement scientists named the “Gaia Bang”.

Since the Gaia Bang, twenty years have passed.
After numerous conflicts among nations, inevitable over a time of such upheaval, the
world has returned to some semblance of normal.

Active during these conflicts were men and women who retained the blood of the
ancient Ninja, whose tales were passed down from generation to generation, like fairy
tales, and whose powers and influence had been long thought to be extinct.

Their powers, awakened by the Gaia Bang, can only be deemed supernatural.

Silent Movement, Creation of Wind and Flame, Manipulation of Earth and Water,
Dropping of Thunder, and Creation of Fantasy Worlds.

Each Ninja descendant could summon his own monster, to fight alongside him.
The collective power of the Ninja came to surpass that of any single nation. Those
Ninja who harnessed the power of their bloodlines for good became the new generation
of Ninja. But many sought to take advantage of this newfound power for selfish
purposes, to attain power for themselves and to crush their enemies. These dangerous
individuals came to be known as Shadows - as they could move, behave, fight exactly
as their fellow Ninja, but they lacked the goodness of light, and depth of soul.

The nations of the world began to lose their power after the great
“War of Unification”,
and that power was seized by corporate monsters -
conglomerates with the power ofcapital and ambition to match.
These corporations were run by Shadows, and formed a
kind of triad of dominance.

The Adler Corporation:
Compound built on reclaimed land resting on the ocean
Founded by a technological genius, Mizuchi
Dominant in Artificial Intelligence

The Alvida Corporation:
Compound burrowed deep underground as if striving to reach the underworld itself
Founded by war hero, J. J. Verbal
Dominant in both finance and energy,

The Eden Corporation:
Compound towering through to the sky
Founded by doctor and genetic researcher, Rocky
Dominant in Genetics, creating clones capable of feeling both emotion and pain

Amid this world of devastation, six Ninja arose from the ashes, the moon at their backs.

Hanzo - The Moonwalker
Takamaru - The Typhoon
Ushioni - The Killer Bee
Hanna - The Kunoichi, Female Ninja
Mashira - Lightning
Mizuchi - The Genius

Each are covered in visage with a black mask. And so they came to be called, “NINJA MASX”.

NINJA MASX would come to learn in time the mysteries and-
darkness of this new world.
And this is the story of their journey.
What caused the Gaia Bang to occur?
How were some Ninja betrayed, used, manipulated,
and put to work for darker

And like the biblical ark, carrying the only survivors of each and every race and kind,
what storms would this world of ours endur and what was the nature of its unknown
journey, perilous and full of treachery.

This is the story of an epic battle between men who presumed to become like gods, and
our six Ninja.
Ragnarok returns to the world