“The only one who can
manipulate me is me.”


[The Typhoon]

  • Ninja Skill:Fights with wind.
  • Birth:5/30
  • Age:16
  • Height:168cm
  • Weight:52kg
  • Skill:Acrobat, Pyrotech
  • Guardian Monster:Falcon


Extremely intelligent and calculating Always smiling on the outside, but always watching his step Grew up surrounded by love and fueled by passion- for revenge on this world, for taking away his parents


Ten years before meet him, Takemaru’s father, a member of the resistance, was killed.Takemaru was raised by his mother alone, and was bathed in love until the day she too passed and he was truly alone.Takemaru vows to take revenge on this world and begins a lonely battle of one.
His inhuman intelligence is used in both strategy and the making of bombs.People call him The Faceless Bomber. One day, he comes upon Hanzo trying to enter by stealth into the Adler complex, and they decide to act together.