"I will change everything in this world.
Whatever happens,
my fire will never die out."


[The Moonwalker]

  • Ninja Skill:Fights with fire.
  • Birth:4/1
  • Age:19
  • Height:174cm
  • Weight:56kg
  • Skill:Sword
  • Pet:Hachi the Weasel


Has an overpowering sense of Justice Can think only of his sister Stubbornly passionate, his beliefs cannot be bent He makes enemies easily, but once trusted, becomes a friend for life


When we meet Hanzo he has lost his parents in the great War of Unification and lives with his sister, Rin, having been raised since childhood by their father’s friend, Danzo, a fellow Ninja. One day, a Ninja hunter arrives, kidnaps Rin, and murders Danzo.
The fires of revenge burn within Hanzo. He sets out to save his sister with the legendary sword, “Masamune”, and the help of his faithful cigar-smoking pet weasel, named Hachi - a formidable partner.
Meanwhile, Hanzo learns about the darkness and truth of the world as it is, as it has become, and thrusts himself into battle.