“I have nothing more -
I live as a kind of ghost.”


[The Kunoichi, female Ninja]

  • Ninja Skill:Fights with water.
  • Birth:3/3
  • Age:19
  • Height:167cm
  • Weight:47kg
  • Skill:Spy
  • Guardian Monster:Cat


Has a bright and bold personality Has the delicacy to perform well as a spy Deception is her lifework


Hanna inherited the blood of the Ninja who manipulated water. Her mother was taken away by The Alvida Corporation and forced to work in the production of water, an essential resource which had become dangerously scarce since the Gaia Bang.
Hannabecomes an Alvida spy to help her mother, is commissioned by The Alvida Corporation to find the secret of The Eden Corporation, but fails in this mission. She then becomes a member of NINJA MASX.
She is tormented by the need to serve the hateful Alvida in order to save her mother,and it is only when she becomes a Ninja Masx that this conflict can resolve itself.