“I said goodbye to
my weak and useless self.
The light of dawn is what I see now.”


[The Lightning]

  • Ninja Skill:Fights with Thunder.
  • Birth:11/7
  • Age:21
  • Height:178cm
  • Weight:61kg
  • Skill:Knife Throwing
  • Guardian Monster:Bear


Cowardly and delicate Raised by a gifted father, has the courage to devote himself to his colleagues


Mashira’s father is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Eden Corporation,, and a world leader.
There is a wound that the world has suffered as a result of the Gaia Bang, and Mashira will travel to the ends of the earth, and study with an unlimited hunger to know the truth about this wound.
Once estranged from his father, he joins NINJA MASX. But one day he discovers he has a monitoring microchip embedded in him by his father’s scientists, he fears the NINJA MASX might be compromised, so he returns reluctantly to The Eden Compound. But NINJA MASX rescues him from this prison, and he fights in the final battle.