“Let us finish! This is a story
which cannot be told.”


[The Genius]

  • Ninja Skill:Fights using illusion
  • Birth:12/25
  • Age:25
  • Height:175cm
  • Weight:65kg
  • Skill:Sorcery
  • Guardian Monster:Large Snake


A thoughtful genius Delicate and bold, with seemingly endless knowlege Seems cold, unexpressive, but in fact sensitive and prone to- private tears


Mizuchi is the Founder of the Artificial Intelligence giant The Adler Corporation. From an early age he was recognized as a genius and hailed as a premier illusionist in the world.
After the War of Unification, he was imprisoned when his position was discovered by the very Artificial Intelligence that he himself created. It is Mizuchi that introduces Hanzo and Takamaru, who go on to infiltrate Adler, to the world of illusion that could reveal the truth of the world.
After the demise of Adler, he goes on a journey to determine the truth, and participates in the final battle.